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Benefits of ISO/IEC 20000 certification

With up to 80% of information technology budgets of most organizations directly linked to service management processes, a new ISO/IEC standard that benchmarks this activity is expected to result in cost saving for users, whether large or small enterprises, as well as increased productivity and improved customer service.

Ultimately ISO/IEC 20000 highlights your business’s commitment for service improvement and also demonstrates that services provided are to an international standard.

Below is an overview of the benefits gained from ISO/IEC 20000 implementation:

  • Alignment of information technology services and business strategy.
  • Creation of a formal framework for current service improvement projects.
  • Provides a benchmark type comparison with best practices.
  • Creates competitive advantage via the promotion of consistent and cost-effective services.
  • By requiring ownership and responsibility at all levels, it creates a progressive ethos and culture.
  • Supports 'interchanging' of service providers and staff by virtue of the creation of inter-enterprise operational processes.
  • Reduction of risk and thus cost in terms of external service receipt.
  • Through the creation of a standard consistent approach, aids major organizational changes.
  • Enhanced reputation and perception.
  • Fundamental shift to pro-active rather than re-active processes.
  • Improved relationship between different departments via better definition and more clarity in terms of responsibility and goals.
  • Creation of a stable framework for both resource training and service management automation.
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